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How will I make sure I have what I need?

Our office staff will work with you by phone to make sure you are set up and ready to go for your visit.

Why are virtual visits being offered now?
During the Covid-19 crisis, we think social distancing and staying safe is critical for the health of our patients.  The federal government and all health plans have worked with providers like Hillsboro Cardiology to remove barriers to virtual visits.  We think virtual visits are the best alternative for many of our patients.

How do I get ready for my virtual visit?
Follow the instructions provided for the device you’ll use: iPhone or iPad, android, desktop (pc) computer, Mac.  

Note: when possible, have a backup phone, tablet or computer in case there are problems

Expect a call from our staff to help you and make sure you’ll be ready

Plan to be in a quiet private place for your virtual visit

Have your medications, blood pressure records, at hand.  Weigh yourself the morning of your visit.

If you use your smart phone or tablet; have a place where it can be set down so it is steady and the provider will be able to see you.

We’ll plan to all be patient with each other as we learn about virtual visits and how they work!


What is a virtual visit?
A virtual visit provides you and your provider an opportunity to see and talk to each other from your telephone, tablet, or computer. 

Should I have a virtual visit?
Virtual visits are the best choice for most of our patients now.  Our providers carefully evaluate the appropriateness of the virtual visit and will let you know if something different is needed.

How do I schedule a virtual visit?
Existing Patients: our staff will be in touch with you as the date for your next appointment gets near.
New Patients: call our office (503) 648-0731. 

What does a virtual visit cost?
Virtual visits are billed to your insurance plan like your office visit. You may have a copay as you do for an office visit.

What tech do I need?
Hillsboro Cardiology uses Doxy for our virtual visits.  You’ll need to use a smart phone, tablet, Mac, or PC with microphone and camera.  We will work with you to set up your technology. Select the physician you will be seeing from the list below for instructions for iPhone or iPad, android, desktop (pc) computer, Mac.

Hillsboro Cardiology is pleased to offer Virtual visits as part of our commitment to serve you well.  These visits are best when they combine video and audio but can be telephone only if necessary.

Our virtual visits allow you to have an appointment with your provider from your home (or other location) using your phone, table, or computer.  While not all cardiology issues are right for a virtual visit; we think during this time of ‘social distancing’ and ‘staying safe’ we think they are a best first step for new and existing patients.

For new patients: please call our office; we will set up your virtual visit with you

For existing patients: our office will be in touch with you as your next appointment gets closer to work with you to set up your virtual visit

Frequently Asked Questions:

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